It is good to write the poem. It helps us to think more. Some people hate it because it really hard to write a wonderful poem. I am one of them. I not good to write poem. My friend is the best poem writer because she knows lots of word. It helps a lot for write poem.


No art is the feeling of the personal feeling. Every people have not the same like of art. Some people will see this paint is wonderful but for some people it just a picture. We can said the prise that they can make. It can go to 1 billion or nothing at all.

I will not express my feeling a lot because people may see. It makes other people know us. Sometime we said the bad things on those times. A designed it also the good way for some people who love art. I sometimes design my blog too. It is really fun.

I feel very uncomfortable to when I see someone embarrassed, but I don’t want to say badly to them. Sometime I am like that to when I saw the girl that I really like. Most people will embarrass when they want to show something.

It is the good because we can meet many people. It like family activities. Most of family people enjoy it. We will know more about each other. It is the good way of communication in the group or family. It wills the relationship grow well.

There many novel that will make the third time. It makes the story more fun. It contacts the people to buy their book. It is Alice in the Wonderland book. It has a lot of magical story. It makes the story long and fun. It is the best book. I love it.

It is about English. I want to understand more about English. I enjoy read the English news in the blog. It helps my brain to thing. English is very important for us now a day. I want to be the master of English. I want to writer good letter to give you.