They drink some beer. They sit until midnight. They talk about the girl that in the comer of the bar. They want her to join there communication. They go to girl and they said can you sit with us. The girl very scare. She run out from the bar and calls police. The police come to the three drinker and they fight the police. Police bring the gun out and shoot it to the sky. Every moment stop.The three drinkers get to the jail.


My love is like a flower with thorn that I need to fight. It is difficult for to love because I am very shy when I saw the person that I like. I want to talk to her and be her friend. I want to protect and take care of her. Love is very important for me.  ^^

My favorite fictional is tom cruise. He is the best actor for me. He played lots of movie. He is best actor that I want be. He is smart and handsome. He is also reach too. He played mission impossible and He is the main character. He is the one who write the story too. He never give up on his dream. He wants to be the best actor of the world. He is old now. I hope he will create more movie for us to watch.

I love one girl. I want to tell her but I too shy. I really hate myself. I want her to know that I really care her. I want to take care her. I miss her lots when I feel lonely. I want her know that my heart is on you. I want her to know.^^

I will make by reasoning because it is the best. Every decision has the reason to make. It is good to have the reason to make something. But sometimes we should use feeling too when the reason is not go with the good things. I usually use the feeling.

I will give to the temple. I want them to help people. They will know how to use money more than us. They know the people more than me. I will also give to the hospital to buy the new technology to heal people. I not good at using lots of money.

I don’t have. I don’t know that is the encounter or not. I don’t understand what it is about. It is the hard question to answer. But I try to make it reach about 40 words. I am very sorry. I don’t have the knowledge about this.